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About us


Date: March 02, 2010

PROFILE with Basic Theory

JAMEKA SPORTS Group of Industries® is renowned for its Fitness / Gym wears & accessories including complete range of Gloves all over the world.
 The second generation family owned business which is the outcome of good decisions by Chairman Mr. Akram and team work together to enter in the manufacturing and export of Fitness / Gym wears & accessories around 41 years ago.
Subsequently by virtue of intelligence and hard work, we made an astonishing progress in getting expertise in the field of designing, pattern making, stitching and other related fields.  We also acquired comprehensive knowledge which plays a vital role in producing quality products.

JAMEKA SPORTS® got inspiration from its dynamic forefathers and also vowed to utilize its potential in the field of manufacturing and exports. JAMEKA SPORTS® high in the realm of Pakistan Business community. Now JAMEKA SPORTS is solid enough to face the emerging the challenges in the arena of the Sports world. JAMEKA SPORTS® after acquiring the training launched their own venture combined with skill and confidence in the field of leather gloves and accessories manufacturing under the name of JAMEKA SPORTS® Gloves Specialist Co, based in Sialkot, Pakistan JAMEKA SPORTS® learned from their experience how to improve the quality and maintain the standard to cater the fast emerging trends in Sports. That is the secret of our tremendous success. JAMEKA has a firm belief in the maintenance of quality, adherence to commitment and timely delivery of product. In-fact we have well celebrated slogan to our team “No Compromise on Quality”. Keeping in view the significances of the quality, We restored to have ISO 9001-2008 Certifications. In addition, our materials are according to the EUROPEAN Reach Standard, CE Certification and meticulous attention to quality control, allows us to extend customer’s expectations with their complete satisfaction.

Now the third generation has also entered in the manufacturing field bringing together the established business, family values, experience and skills coupled with pertinent business, education knowledge and expertise.
Our most important standard is safety, comfort and an optimal price-performance ratio.

You will explore a large range of new models with refreshed designs, color combinations and technically high-class materials.
Fully prepared for upcoming stepping stone.







Jameka Sports Group®

Unit 1, 21-A Nizam Abad, Pindi Arianya, Bhatta Muhammad Shafi, Zafarwal Road, Sialkot 51310,Pakistan

+ 92-343-4889803